Free Stress Reduction Kit

Do you feel stress? Yes, stress is part of everyone’s daily occurance. We feel stress at work, in school…sometimes even when shopping, some people feel stressful because of too many options. So, when I asked my friend for some help on dealing with stress, this is what he gave me. Make sure you read the instruction and warning before you start using it!

Instructions to use the above Stress Reduction Kit:

1. Print this page. Place the printout on a FIRM surface, preferably on the wall. Make sure it is at eye level.
2. Step back about 1 (one) foot from the printout.
3. Count to three.
4. Bang your head against the circle.
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 until you are feeling better, or until you are unconscious.
6. If unconscious, cease stress reduction activity.

Warning – Use of this kit could result in a headache or other side effects in some people. This kit has not been approved by the AMA or FDA. No research has been done on its effectiveness. Use at your own risk. By placing your head in contact with the circle above, you agree to void all rights to sue for any reason. This includes, but is not exclusive to, physical or mental injury of any sort.

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