About Bank Charges, Accounts and Savings

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Are you guys aware of the unfair bank charges issued by the bank to their customers? It’s quite a big news I believe. I’m not sure about you guys but I’ve been following the news about unfair bank charges in the UK. Recently, there has been some cases favourable to the bank as well. What is the issue behind all these? Well, for many years, banks have been known to charge account holders high fees, for example going over the overdraft limit etc. It appears that these high charges are not justified and many consumer believe that the banks have no right to charge such a high amount of fees, leading to many bank charges reclaims and bank charges refund that resulted in success. Basically the banks just want to settle the case without going to the court to avoid negative publicity.

I’m just lucky that I’m not involved in this mess as my current accounts have not been charged any unfair charges since I started using it. However, I do hope those who were charged excessively high bank charges are given their money back. After all, the banks are making big money out of their customers.

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