Funny Halloween!

Wow, can’t believe time flies so quickly and we are already in the last week of September! What does this mean? It means we are getting closer to the month of October and also, to everybody’s favourite festival. I’m sure you should be able to guess what festival I’m talking about. It’s the Halloween!

Halloween is celebrated on the night of 31st of October and if you are a fan of halloween, you should know the interesting activities we have to celebrate this festival, such as costume parties, watching horror movies, setting up ghost houses, trick-or-treating and so on. I’m not so sure about the actual origins of this celebration but who really cares as long as it’s fun, right?

So what are your plans this halloween? I might organise a Halloween Costume party and make everybody wear Sexy Halloween Costumes! That’ll be great, isn’t it? Anyone has any experience in organising such party? Surely, there are a lot of funny stories and happenings in such party so if you have one, feel free to share the funny moments with us! You can send me the photos of your funny costumes or even a video of a funny moment.

Now, I would like to introduce some funny videos, as usual. As today’s theme is about Halloween, here are some funny Halloween related videos for your laughter. The first video is really short but it’s absolutely hilarious (and painful to watch too!).

The second video is also of the same theme, this time, with a person wearing a scary Halloween costume and scaring people in the park. The first part is really funny but wait till the end; it’s even funnier! Oh dear, I can’t stop watching the videos and laugh over and over again. Hope these videos will brighten up your day!

Watch the 2nd video here: Link

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