Address Plaques

After buying or renting a house, one would usually look at things to customise it… making it more homely and unique. Some people tend to renovate it, add some nicer windows, redesign the garden etc. But most people didn’t know that they could start with something as simple as changing their address plaques. Home address plaques are the very first thing that people see especially when they are trying to come over to your new place!

So how can it be customised? There are websites like with tons of custom address plaques for you to choose. In fact, one would be spoilt for choices in sites like this. There are also commercial address plaques in addition to the home ones.

I’ve not tried purchasing from this website, but it looks good and might be able to offer those of you who would like to get a custom address sign. Do drop some feedback about this site if you have purchase from them before.

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